The Nickel Plate Trail is a proposed 9.2 mile pedestrian trail situated along the Nickel Plate rail running from 96th Street in Fishers to Pleasant Street in Noblesville. The trail’s development connects the two communities through the hearts of their downtowns to create recreational and experiential opportunities for residents and visitors to the Hamilton County trail.

The proposed line was announced in coordination with Fishers Mayor Scott Fadness, Noblesville Mayor John Ditslear, and the Hamilton County Commissioners. After public listening sessions have concluded, the three entities will pursue support from a federal program known as rail banking. Rail banking allows the owners of the rail corridor to convert the railroad to a pedestrian trail, while preserving the right to re-establish a rail service along the line should that ever be needed or desired.

For more information, visit the FAQ section or contact the City of Fishers or City of Noblesville Nickel Plate Trail teams.